Football Jackpots

In the good old days before the National Lottery came along, the football pools gave ordinary people the chance to win extraordinary sums by predicting score draws on a weekly football coupon. The football pools created its first millionaire in 1987, when Barry Dinsdale won almost £2m, although a year earlier a syndicate scooped just over £1m. However, the first winner to become a celebrity was Viv Nicholson, who vowed to “spend, spend, spend!” when her husband Keith won £150k in 1961, an amount worth more than £3m today!

Online gambling and the National Lottery did a lot to kill off football pools but in the last couple of years they have been reinvented and reinvigorated, with a variety of online football jackpot games and competitions springing up. Each is slightly different to the next but what they all have in common is what made “the pools” so popular in the first place and what makes the Lottery the nation’s favourite bet still: the idea that it could be you that becomes an overnight millionaire, changing your life with one simple football prediction that makes you rich, rich, rich!

Coral Football Jackpot

Coral Football Jackpot CouponThe Coral Football Jackpot was probably the first of the new wave of pools-like betting products and boasted a prize of a guaranteed £1m when it started in August 2013. When that prize was eventually won it reverted back to the minimum weekly jackpot of £100,000, although it reached a huge £5m+ after several rollovers in 2014. With entry costing just £1 and a guaranteed jackpot of at least £100k, the Coral Football Jackpot clearly offers the potential of a massive reward.

In fact the reward is almost always even higher, with rollovers regularly taking the jackpot offered by Coral close to and even above the magical £1m mark. To land the big prize you need to correctly predict who will win the 15 designated Coral Football Jackpot games. As with many of the jackpot options, you can perm a number of lines to increase your chances. That is to say, if there is a game or even several games you aren’t confident about, by increasing your stake you can cover multiple results on that particular match or those matches. For those who want the excitement without the stress of selecting your results Coral even offer a lucky dip option that automatically selects your results for you!

Another great thing about the Coral Football Jackpot is that you can even get a win if you predict 14 or sometimes 13 results correct, with the consolation dividend often reaching five figures. That might not change your life but it would certainly change your year, and for just a quid the Coral Football Jackpot offers great value.

Colossus Bets Jackpots

Colossus Bets Jackpot CouponColossus Bets are not a traditional bookmaker at all but simply offer a range of jackpot-style products, the most famous of which is undoubtedly the £10m Colossus itself. Colossus Bets were founded in 2012 but only in the past couple of years have they really gained much prominence after offering their first jackpot in 2013. Licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, the site offers a range of bets that allow you to win big from a small stake.

As said, the daddy of them all is the Colossus, where players must predict the correct score, rather than just the match result, in seven nominated games. The jackpot is always a minimum of £10m and your chances are improved by the fact that any scores featuring four or more goals for one side are grouped together under “Any Other Home’, ‘Any Other Draw’ or ‘Any Other Away’. It costs £2 to play (although you can play for less, with your jackpot being proportional to your stake, so a £1 play offers a £5m top prize) and the exact amount of your win isn’t known until the round is complete, with the jackpot pool shared between winners.

Colossus Bets boasts loads of nice little features, including Smart Pick which is like a lucky dip but only drawn from scores deemed likely (so, for example it won’t select lots of upsets based on the odds), cashout and partial cashout allowing you to take profits early and forfeit the chance of taking your bets all the way, and some nice tools to help you track your bets. In addition Colossus Bets also offer a growing range of other bets, with jackpots ranging from a few thousand pounds for correctly predicting five match results, through to five-figure prizes, a £1m 15-match home/away/draw prediction jackpot and even a £2m correct score game, with many of these also offering a consolation dividend for those missing out by just one or two games.

Super 6

Super 6 CouponSuper 6 is offered by Sky Bet and has one brilliant advantage over the two football jackpots mentioned above: it’s totally FREE to play! The prize of £250,000 may fall a significant way short of the £10m Colossus Bets jackpot but even so, a quarter of a million pounds with no risk at all is still clearly a great offer.

Moreover, the Super 6 £250k jackpot is available every single week and from time to time Sky even boost it to £500,000, whilst retaining the free-to-enter nature of the jackpot. With a six-figure sum up for grabs and no risk to your wallet, why WOULDN’T you play Super 6? Just join Sky, take your pick of their welcome offers and you’re good to go with Super 6. You don’t even need to claim a welcome bonus, so if you don’t want to make a deposit at Sky you don’t need to and yet they’ll still give you a shot at a cool quarter mill!

To land the jackpot you’ll need to get the correct score in the six featured Super 6 games, whilst if nobody wins that the top score each week will win £5,000. We really can’t say enough what a great jackpot game this is – free to enter and yet thousands of pounds up for grabs. If you don’t have a Sky Bet account then you’re missing out so head to Sky now and try your luck: you have NOTHING to lose!

Footcast – Not Currently Running

ComeOn Footcast CouponPlease note, Footcast is not currently running but does pop it’s head up every now and again, usually at the start of the football season. 

Footcast is the newest of the football jackpot products and is offered by ComeOn, themselves relatively new bookmaker. ComeOn are based in Malta but are UK-staffed and focussed. Having now established themselves in the market they have begun to offer a wider range of features and offers and Footcast is one of them.

Like Super 6, Footcast is totally free to play, although in order to be eligible for the cash prizes you do need to have placed a bet of at least £5 at odds of 4/5 (1.80) or higher during the previous week. For those who like the occasional bet on football anyway it is essentially free and the jackpot available is a very tasty €25,000, with a weekly prizepool of €5,000 shared between those who go close to landing the jackpot but fall just short.

As with the Coral Jackpot and some of the options at Colossus bets, in order to win you must simply predict the results of the nominated matches. Footcast offers up 10 games and to land the jackpot you must get all 10 results correct, as well as correctly predict (from a choice of bands) how many goals will be scored in the relevant games. The €5,000 prize is shared between any players getting eight or more results right, with €1,000 shared between entrants with eight, nine or 10 results correct, €1,500 shared by anyone with nine or 10 and €2,500 kept only by the player or players who got all 10 match results correct.

Footcast clearly doesn’t match the other three jackpots for prizes but given it is essentially free (though not quite as free as Sky’s Super 6) it’s still well worth checking out. You need just eight match results to claim a prize and given you can choose two results on three games to hedge your bets, the odds of success on Footcash are much better than at any of the other jackpot games (aside from some of the smaller Colossus options).