What is Scorecast Betting in Football?

Football Hitting Net Viewed From AboveScorecast betting is a bet type that allows you to bet on two related markets; first goalscorer and correct score. It’s often wondered what the need for this bet type is as you could essentially just place a double from each respective market and have the same outcome. Well, this isn’t possible and we will explain why later in this article.

The scorecast bet is where you need to select a player to score first and the correct final score for that match. The odds on offer for these types of bets are often very lucrative due to the difficulty in getting the results right. The market is one that has grown considerably over the years and even though the difficulty is high, the payout for a successful bet could be massive.

Why Can’t You Do a Double Instead?

The reason why the market exists is because the two individual markets – correct score and first goalscorer – are markets that are related to each other. By, this we mean that the result of one will affect the result of the other. In the industry, these are called Related Contingencies.

It’s essentially like placing two bets that are the same, but with increasing odds for that outcome. For example, if you were looking to bet on the correct score market for a team to win 1-0 then part of that bet will have to be priced by the bookmaker to win the match. If you included the correct and the team to win as a double then you are essentially getting odds for that team to win twice; once in the correct score of 1-0 and the other for the outright win.

The same works for scorecast betting in that the first goalscorer market will already have factored in for that team to win into the price. The bookmaker in return calls the scorecast bet a ‘cast’ bet and this essentially means that they will offer you this market, but for a reduced price of what a double from two single bets would be for the same selections.

For example, let’s say that hypothetically you backed the first goalscorer of Marcus Rashford at odds of 10/1 and Manchester United to win 3-0 at 5/1. The theoretical double would be 50/1 (10 x 5), but you on the scorecast this bet would likely pay out nearer 20/1, because of the two markets being related contingencies, i.e if Marcus Rashford scores, Manchester United are more likely to win 3-0.

Can you Place an Anytime Scorer Scorecast?

Unibet Anytime Scorecast Betting Screenshot

Yes you can! It is possible to place anytime scorecast bets, but you will need to be aware that the odds for these types of bets are much lower than picking the first goalscorer. Due to the fact that you have many more opportunities for an anytime goalscorer, pricing will reflect this, but you will find that the odds are still more than favourable and this bet type is a much more solid form of betting on this market type.

It’s worth noting that the anytime market will not pay out like an each way bet for the goalscorer section. For example, you do not get paid more if your selection scores first or last in the game and no each-way bet type is applied. They simply need to score at any point in the match and it’s also worth noting that players scoring an own goal will obviously not count as a win.

There are other variations to this bet that include last goalscorer, first half scorecast, second half scorecast and HT/FT scorecast. Each will have increased difficulty to the overall bet due to the fact that it’s narrowing the window in which your selection can score.

What is a Wincast Bet?

Paddy Power Wincast Betting Screenshot

The wincast is a much easier variant than the scorecast and all you need to do for this bet is simply select the team that you want to win and the first goalscorer for that bet. You do not need to have the exact score for this market, just the result for that match (can include the draw, if you wish).

The popularity of this market is one that is starting to grow, mainly because the scorecast is just so hard to call. The wincast will offer you reduced odds in comparison to most scorecast markets, but they are still relatively lucrative and will offer a much more realistic chance of winning.