What Happens To A Bet If A Match Turns Out To Be Fixed?

Unfortunately match-fixing and other forms of cheating remain a problem in a huge range of sports, from snooker to tennis, cricket to football, and just about everything in between. Human nature is such that where there is a chance to make what looks like quick, easy money, there is usually someone willing to take a risk regardless of the ethical, moral and legal issues involved. The those issues of right and wrong are not of interest to us in this article, but what is of concern is how such events affect our bets.

On the whole the situation with regards match fixing is the same as for when a result changes after a bet has settled, which we have covered in detail in another article. In essence bets are settled on the official result given shortly after an event takes place, with subsequent changes being ignored for betting purposes.

There are some famous instances of alleged match fixing, ranging from the 1973 European Cup Winners’ Cup Final, which Leeds lost 1-0 to AC Milan, to more recent scandals in cricket, snooker and other sports. In most instances, history shows that the original result has stood and even where it has been overturned, winning bets on the official outcome have also stood, whilst losing bets on the “real” winners have remained losing bets.

If you fall foul of a match that subsequently turns out to have been fixed it may be worth emailing the bookmaker to ask if they will reconsider your wager. It’s highly unlikely that they will but if you don’t ask, you don’t get and it has been known for bookies to refund losing stakes in controversial circumstances, often as a publicity stunt and a means to show how much they uphold honour and fair play!