Best Mobile Betting Sites and Apps

Mobile betting is without doubt the ‘in’ thing at the moment in the betting industry. The ability to bet on the go makes it so much more appealing and the use of your PC to place a bet is almost redundant.

The technology for these types of features has come a long way in recent years. Let’s face it, who doesn’t have a smartphone in this day and age? It’s basically because of this fact, and the ability to design apps based around each screen size, that many bookmakers have seized this opportunity to invest vast amounts into not only the design of betting apps, but the marketing campaigns that have been needed to go along with them.

What you will find from a lot of bookmakers is that to entice users towards their apps, they run mobile specific betting offers. This is a great thing for punters as not only can they take advantage of sign up bonuses from the betting sites, but also use the mobile betting offers to use in conjunction with these. Whilst you will only be able to take one or the other (usually), they should provide a decent amount of choice between the two to find the best deals.

Bet365 Betting App

Bet365 Mobile ScreenshotThe bet365 app is easily one of the most popular in the market. With the reputation that follows bet365, it’s pretty obvious that this was always going to be the case. The layout of the app is really clear and the green colours throughout make it very pleasing on the eye. Simplicity is definitely to key to betting apps and the bet365 definitely installs these values to its design.

The standout feature from the app comes in the form of how many markets they have on offer. You can literally access every sport that is on their betting site and it’s also got a ton of live markets to choose from as well. On top of this you can also stream a series of sports directly from the app. You do need to have an active betting account (placed a wager or deposited within the last 24 hours) but the streaming is free to use after that. We will say that it’s definitely worth streaming via a Wi-Fi connection where possible to save on network fees and usage allowances as these will soon rack up with this sort of feature.

Bet Victor Betting App

BetVictor Mobile ScreenshotBet Victor have one of the best looking apps going and have actually made massive changes since the app was first brought into the market a few years ago. This is a theme that will run true for most apps to be honest, but nevertheless it’s always good to see bookmakers looking to improve features that are already top class.

You can expect a ton of sports and markets from the Bet victor app, but not only that, they are one of the betting companies that provide probably more mobile specific betting offers than any other site. The inclusion of quick links at the bottom of the homepage is a handy little feature and allows you to quickly hop between markets that are popular at the time. The app integrates with their casino as well meaning there is no need to download more than one app to use the whole of the sites features.

Betfred Betting App

Betfred Mobile ScreenshotBetfred have definitely opted along the lines of usability rather than design as the key to their betting app. Whilst the app certainly doesn’t look poor, it doesn’t have the same sharpness and aesthetics that the some of the other leading betting apps do. A niggle on the app is the load time, especially on 3G connections, which we should to be a little sluggish in all honesty.

Betfred were one of the first companies to offer the Both Teams To Score market which has since then gone on to become one of the most popular football betting markets going. To enhance this they have actually included a whole section (almost like an app within an app) to allow users to quickly place an accumulator from just this market. Now this is definitely something we found to be extremely pleasing and a feature that we can see a lot bettors being drawn towards.

Sky Betting App

Sky Bet Mobile ScreenshotSky Bet has been one of the fastest growing bookmakers in the UK for a number of years now. One of the reasons why they have been so successful is the integration of their mobile betting app. The app itself is definitely one of the better ones in the industry. The lush blues and reds really make it a standout candidate, but not only that, the usability of the app is up there as well. Everything about the app just seems to ooze quality, which you would expect really when a company as established as BskyB is behind it.

The app is so simple to use as well. There aren’t a ton of fancy pictures of graphics, but it never feels as though it’s lacking anything. The sports on offer will rival any bookmaker and the betting offers that Sky often chop and change will likely suit the eye of even the most hardy of mobile bettors.

Ladbrokes Betting App

Ladbrokes Mobile ScreenshotThe Ladbrokes app is probably one of the most talked about apps in the industry. This is mainly because of the hilarious TV adverts that have been running featuring none other than Mr Football himself, Chris Kamara. In our opinion though, the app isn’t as appealing on the eye as the other four we have mention in this article. It looks a little dull and the grey, square buttons certainly don’t do an awful lot to helps its cause.

But Ladbrokes have managed to incorporate a lot of sports and markets in the app. Their biggest feature has to come from the tons of live betting markets that they run. Obviously football features very heavily, as you would expect, but it’s the inclusion of smaller live betting markets that really compliment the app. The markets are all simple to use and its simplicity in these areas that we feel really makes the app what it is; a top quality mobile betting app.